April Advocare Specials

April Advocare Specials

Get in motion with Joint ProMotion!

When joints are healthy, life is good. Our movement is fluid and smooth, and our limbs move freely and easily. When movement isn’t so easy and soreness sets in, the simplest daily activities can become painful and difficult.

Why Joint ProMotion?
Joint ProMotion supplement is a powerfully-unique product that helps lubricate and protect the joints. Glucosamine plays a vital role in the formation and repair of cartilage. Unfortunately, the body does not continually produce glucosamine, and there are no food sources containing it. Glucosamine, along with MSM found in Joint ProMotion, make it a very beneficial product for men and women of all ages.

Who needs Joint ProMotion?

  • Someone who has stiff or aching joints
  • Those who want to improve joint health
  • People who want to prevent or reduce age-related joint problems
  • Athletes who need help recovering from strenuous activity and exercise

What are the benefits?

  • Helps lubricate and protect joints
  • Supports joint health
  • Contributes to mobility and flexibility
  • Aids in relieving occasional pain after exercise

Summer SPARQ Camps coming soon!!!

SPARQ Training is an up-and-coming training methodology that incorporates functional training, strength & conditioning, and movement enhancement. Prevail Conditioning is proud to provide the only source of Santa Barbara’s SPARQ Training camps!

This summer we will have camps for:

Middle School Athletes

High School Athletes

College Athletes

What makes us different?
We provide the highest quality Performance & Movement Training with degreed/certified trainers for the best prices in Santa Barbara

If you–or an athlete you know–is interested in signing up for training classes beginning this month, contact us to reserve your spot. Each training group is limited to 20 athletes.

Days: M/W/F
Time: TBA
Location: TBA
Cost: $180/month or $20/class
Who: Middle School – Collegiate Athletes

Advocare links arms with Informed Choice

Advocare has recently announced a partnership with Informed Choice to certify several AdvoCare products as banned-substance free. Eventually, Advocare will have 20 products registered into the program.

It will be the largest and most comprehensive testing program for any company in the world.

The following products are currently registered:
(Click here to view any of these products)
Arginine Extreme
AdvoCare Muscle Fuel
Muscle Gain (both flavors in cans and pouches)
V16 Energy DrinkAdvoCare Spark (All flavors in cans and pouches)
Rehydrate (All flavors in cans and pouches)
AdvoCare Slam (both flavors)

Products that are in the pipeline to receive registration soon are:
(Click here to view any of these products)
Post-Workout Recovery (both flavors in cans and pouches)
Nighttime Recovery
Muscle Strength
CorePlex with Iron
CorePlex Chewable
Calcium Plus
Amplify AT
O2 Gold
Joint ProMotion
Excel Gel

Yet another reason Advocare is the only company I recommend to my friends, family and clients. They go the extra mile to ensure safety and efficacy that other companies simply do not.

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