Chest Press: Alternating Flexed DB

Open House!

Thanks to all of you who supported the Open House and Fundraiser at Prevail Conditioning Performance Center. We had great evening and were successful in raising over $600 for our local high school athletics programs.

We also gave away prizes in excess of $1000 which included:

Strength & Conditioning
Personal Training
Muscle Activation Technique Sessions
Several Massage Sessions
GolfTEC Swing Analysis Package
…and more

For those that were unable to attend but would still like to donate, please send checks to:

Prevail Conditioning (include “HS Athletics Fundraiser” in the memo)
126 E. Haley St
Suite A8
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Enjoy some of the photos of the event below.

Some of the Big Prize Winners of the Evening (above)

Joe Marso, MAT & Trevor Broesemle PGA Pro
Bill & April Mace
Will Hughes, CPT
Kathy Gruver, LMT enjoying the food
Mark & Jane Lannon, Chris Ecklund

Special Thanks to:
Emily Canfield (Event Coordinator)
Joe Marso, Trevor Broesemle, Larry Rodriguez, Melissa McCormick, Will Hughes, Juliann Boubel, Kate Thielicke and Kathy Gruver (Prize Donations)

Thank you!
The Prevail Conditioning Team

Today’s Workout…Brutal

Great workout today. Give it a shot. Quick warning…the rope climbs are incredibly demanding for forearms. If you’re forearm strength is low (like mine), you may need to add in greater recovery periods or have to rest between the climb and lowering phases.

1a. BB Split Snatch 4×6
b. Valslide Handwalks Forward/Backward 4x15yds each 30 sec recovery
2a. Rope Climbs Hand over Hand (no feet) 4x8ft
b. Dips off Bench 4×20
c. Swiss Ball Oblique Crunches 4x7ew 30 second recovery
3a. Rope Climbs Parallel (no feet) 3x8ft
b. Swiss Ball Push Ups hands on 4×25
c. Sled Push @180lbs 4x30yds
d. Torso Trainer Russian Twists 4x3ew 60 second recovery

Metabolic Conditioning:
4 x 20 Seconds Heavy Rope Circuit
-10 Jumping Big Waves
-10 Big Circles outward
-20 Drums
30 seconds recovery

Great Job Wolfshorndl!

WOW Popcorn!! & SPARK™ Breadsticks

WOW Popcorn!!

Sprinkle 1 package Mandarin Orange SPARK™ Energy Drink powder over a bag of popcorn. Shake well.

SPARK™ Breadsticks

SPARK™ breadsticks make a quick and easy snack to make. Unroll a package of low fat breadstick dough. Bake as directed on package. Roll in your favorite SPARK flavor while still hot – get sharper mental focus and more energy with very bite.

Prevail Conditioning