Peach ‘N Carrot Smoothie

Peach ‘N Carrot Smoothie

This smoothie delivers an AMAZING flavor along with a serving of vegetables. You will be shocked at how great it tastes!!!

1 1/4 cup Carrot Juice
1 cup of Ice
1 Pouch AdvoCare Peaches’N Cream Fiber Drink
1 serving of AdvoCare Muscle Gain (1 pouch or 2 scoops)
1/2 Tbsp Flaxseed Oil

Blend until smooth (blender, magic bullet, hand mixer, etc)

Nutritional info: 350 calories, 10g fiber, 30g carbohydrates, 25g protein, 7g fat

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What People Are Saying About Prevail

Sondra Blockman, BS Kinesiology
Westmont College Graduate 2011

“I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge with us [interns]. It meant a lot to me and I wanted you to know that your time did not go unappreciated for one moment. I learned so much and had a great time learning it. I wish that I could have had more opportunities like that. What you’ve taught has stuck more than most things I’ve learned in the classroom…it’s more interesting to me and it’s obvious that you’re passionate about it…plus your sense of humor helps! You are a great teacher and amazing trainer! One of the things I appreciate most is how your faith is apparent in your training ethics. You are a man of God, and I hope you continue to do amazing things for people.”

Client Spotlight

By: Emily Canfield

I started training with Chris at Prevail Conditioning because I decided I wanted to compete in an NPC (National Physique Committee) show in the Bikini category and I wanted his help getting ready for it. I had competed twice last year and was unable to achieve the look I wanted, which was frustrating. I knew if I was really going to make a change & improve myself, I needed to seek help from the most knowledgeable person I know which happens to be Chris! I really struggle with building muscle and until I worked out with Chris I had never been able to gain any, especially in my upper body. We trained for a little over 3 months, doing 3 days of upper body at first which was the most I had ever done & it was definitely challenging but he got me through it.  We measured my bodyfat & tracked my progress regularly & everything was going in the right direction but then we hit a small bump in the road when I lost 2lbs of muscle. That was the turning point where Chris’ expertise really kicked in and magic was made;) I say that because, in training for past shows, I had also run into a similar weight loss issue but this time we approached it differently and I was able to get my all my 2lbs. of muscle back and then some! I know it was a result of switching 2 key components of my program. One change he made was switching my supplements. I began taking some Advocare supplements and they made a HUGE difference! I took Catalyst before my cardio workouts, Mass Impact prior to my strength workouts & Muscle Gain immediately after my strength workouts. I didn’t use the Muscle Gain at first because it was slightly higher in calories than I thought I could have but since I had lost weight it was exactly what I needed to get my muscle mass back.  The other change he made was to switch my cardio to interval training so instead of spending 30 minutes doing regular cardio I did shorter, more intense cardio. The last week before my show I did those twice a day & it made a *huge* difference in getting my bodyfat down while maintaining my muscle. I had never done my cardio that way before so it was difficult but my body responded quickly so they did the trick!  By the day of the show, my body had been completely transformed! I had gained 4 pounds of muscle & got down to 15.5% bodyfat.
It was a long, hard journey but the end result was my best stage look yet—I couldn’t have been happier & all my friends noticed how much of an improvement I had made from my other shows. I had such a great time & I felt confident & happy with my look so I really showed it off on stage like never before! And I owe it all to Chris! If any ladies out there are like me & need help transforming their bodies (for a show or otherwise) Prevail Conditioning is the place to go! I would recommend it above anywhere else in town because they have the most knowledgeable & thorough trainers who know how to get the most potential out of their clients when it really counts! 

World Champion Jiu Jitsu Fighter trains for 2011 ADCC at Prevail Conditioning Performance Center

Jeff Glover, one of Paragon’s most gifted American grapplers, has chosen Chris Ecklund and Prevail Conditioning as his exclusive Sports Performance training site as he prepares for the 2011 Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC)  in London, England this September.

Using specific methodology designed to help Glover capture the ADCC World Champion title, Performance Coach Chris Ecklund, will be focusing on improving Glover’s strength, power, and rate of force development along with his general motor and movement patterns to enhance his overall athletic performance.  In addition, Ecklund will work with Glover on improving his biomechanics to maximize movement and minimize injury.  With Ecklund’s help, Glover hopes to be the best physically prepared athlete at the World Championship.
Under the tutelage of Ricardo Miller, Glover was awarded the black belt in 2006 at age 22.  He has one of the most attractive fighting styles in Submission Wrestling and BJJ today, with his innovative deep half guard.  
Jeff’s Biography
Full Name: Jeffrey Dean Glover
Nickname: He is called “The Pipelayer” because he used to be a plumber.
Main Achievements/Record:  
2011 ADCC North American Champion
2010 UFC Fan-Expo Superfight Champion
2009 UFC Fan Expo Superfight Champion
2009 UFC Fan Expo Absolute Open Weight Champion
3 time GQ Absolute Open Weight Champion
Naga Absolute Open Weight Champion
2007 Black Belt World Champion
2006 Black Belt National champion
22 time GQ Advanced Champion
Mundial de No-Gi Champion (2007)
2x Pan American Champion (2006 and 2005 – brown belt divisions)
2x ADCC veteran
15x Open Weight champion for different organizations throughout his career
Weight Division: Pena (Featherweight) 70kg/154lbs
Favourite Position/Technique: Deep Half Guard Sweep
Team/Association: Paragon BJJ

Jeff Glover was born on the 15th of April 1983 in East Los Angeles, CA – USA. And it would take him 16 years to find Jiu Jitsu, but when he did, it was love at first sight. Glover knew this sport would change his life forever.


He started competing immediately and achieved success quickly. Even though he competed mainly at featherweight with some incursions in the Lightweight division, he always liked to stand the test at the absolute (open weight) division, something that not many featherweights dare enter. This display of confidence reaped it’s rewards as Glover stacked a fair amount of absolute medals and titles over the years. One of those titles won against Mike Fowler at the prestigious Grapplers Quest as a purple belt.
On the 8th of April 2006, just a few days short of his 23rd birthday, Jeff Glover received his black belt from the hands of Ricardo “Franjinha” Miller, his first and only instructor, after winning his second Pan American gold medal in the brown belt division. 
In 2007 Gracie magazine was quoted as saying,  “Jeff Glover has the best guard of the Americans.” He can also be seen interviewing and training with some of the best coaches in the country in his series of episodes called “Glover’s Travels”.  
Join us in welcoming Jeff to the Prevail family!!

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