March Deals!!

March Deals!!

Semi-Private Deal
Buy 1st Month of Semi-Private Training 1, 2 or 3 days a week,  get 2nd Month FREE!  Plus, all clients will receive an Initial Assessment and Evaluation AND bi-monthly Nutritional workshops (a $225 Value!)
  • 1 day/wk Month = $200
  • 2 day/wk Month = $360
  • 3 day/wk Month = $480
Why Semi-Private Training?? 
With Semi-Private Training you get the attention and detail of private training with the energy and motivation of group training.  Semi-Private Training  groups are small (4 people max) to allow for personalized programs and goal attainment while capitalizing on the fun atmosphere of working out with friends but at HALF the cost of Private Training.  Grab 2 or 3 of your friends, family members, or co-workers and get started TODAY!!
Group Training Deal
Just can’t get enough of our Group Training Classes?!  Get an Unlimited year of Group Training for ONLY $1797.  Deal good through March only.

Prevail Ambassador to speak at Boys and Girls Club

March 2012

Santa Barbara, CA
Erin Pac, 2010 Women’s Olympic bobsled bronze medalist, will be speaking at the Boys and Girls club on March 13, 2012, at 4 pm.
Each month, the boys and girls club have local professionals in the Santa Barbara area come and speak in an effort to introduce different professions to their students. Erin will be their first Olympian and Professional Athlete. Erin’s goal is to use this opportunity to talk about what the Olympics represent and to raise awareness and excitement leading up to 2012 Summer Olympic Games.
Erin’s presentation will include a brief overview of her journey to the Olympics including videos, demonstrations, a Q & A period, and a chance to look at her Olympic bronze medal. She will also talk about the importance of goal setting, time management, dedication, work ethic, and believing in yourself.
Erin currently trains at Prevail Conditioning Performance Center.  She believes Prevail Conditioning best represents the ethical standards she desires and provides a level of Performance Training that is unmatched in Santa Barbara. Erin serves as an ambassador for Prevail Conditioning.
Prevail Conditioning Performance Center was founded by Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS, USAW, Chief Performance Director.  With over a decade of experience in the Fitness Industry and as a Strength and Performance Coach at the secondary/collegiate/elite level, Prevail Conditioning’s facility and methodology were developed and designed with world class athletes in mind. 
Erin’s Biography
Full Name: Erin Pac
Birth date: May 30, 1980
Main Achievements/Record:
2009-2010 Season
• 6th – Overall World Cup Ranking
• 3rd – Olympic Winter Games, Vancouver 2010
2008-2009 Season
• 9th – Overall World Cup Ranking
* 6th- World Championships, Lake Placid, NY
2007-2008 Season
11th – Overall World Cup Ranking
* 7th- World Championships, Altenberg, Germany
It all started in the gymnasium of her elementary school in Farmington, Ct. Erin was in kindergarten when her gym teacher awarded her the honor of carrying the Olympic torch at the schools Opening Olympic Ceremonies. She went to Farmington high school where she won the Ct state shot put title, won a State title for gymnastics, and played four years of varsity soccer. From there she attended Springfield College in Massachusetts, studying rehabilitation and disabilities studies with a concentration in counseling/casework, while also running track.  Erin competed in the DIII Track & Field Nationals twice in the Heptathlon.
During the summer of 2002, Erin received a phone call from her track coach suggesting that she should try out for the sport of bobsled. For the next three years Erin went on to train and compete with the bobsled team as a pusher/brakeman. Erin set three World Start records, one that held till 2010. When the 2006 Olympic team was announced, Erin’s name was not called. She decided to take destiny into her own hands and transition into the driver’s seat with a goal of being a medal contender in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.
As a driver on the World Cup circuit from 2006 to 2010, Erin set three Start records and had five top three finishes. In February of 2010, she achieved her dream and goal of making an Olympic team and went on to win an Olympic Bronze medal.
Boys and Girls Club
632 E Canon Perdido
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Prevail Conditioning Performance Center
Media Contact: Jade Mundell
126 E. Haley St., Ste. A-8
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Prevail at SB Triathlon Club

Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS, USAW, Strength & Performance Coach, CEO Prevail Conditioning and Brook Phillips, MPT, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist will be presenting at the Santa Barbara Triathlon Club April Meeting.  They will be presenting on “Being Your Own Anatomical Mechanic” as Chris describes how to maintain strength and mobility while Brook focuses on how to correct misalignment’s, aches, pains and injuries in the body to “heal” effected areas.
Who:  SB Triathlon Club members
When:  April 12th, 6:30-8pm
Where:  Killer Tri, 191 S. Turnpike, Goleta, Ca.

New Year’s Resolution Woes and the Transtheoretical Model

By: Chris Ecklund, MA, CSCS
March is upon us.  And not surprisingly, the health clubs, private gyms, and beaches once full of New Year’s Resolution-ers are rapidly beginning to thin out.  Over the last 15 years I’ve watched it happen over and over in disgust and frustration:
October: Healthy Holiday Intentions.  Avoidance of all the Halloween candy is a strong effort.
November: Thanksgiving week comes and the slippery slope begins, several get-togethers and the excessive eating starts.  A workout or two is missed with the onslaught of extra holiday events and year-end responsibilities.
December: The slippery slope of overeating and less-than-ideal foods continues with way too many office parties and get-togethers with friends.  Time gets short and compressed with all the events so your morning exercise group has to be dropped.
*Rationalization begins soon and you think once January comes the schedule will lighten and the re commitment will begin.
January: If getting back to the exercise plan ever happens, it’s way overboard and feeds right into overuse and over training issues and starts to bring back those old lower back and shoulder issues again.
February: Results aren’t great for all the efforts made.  The body is hurting and the lower back and shoulder issues are getting worse since they were never dealt with due to excessive weight loss efforts and are beginning to outweigh the desire to drop a few more pounds.
March: Game over.  See you next January 2013.
Sports Psychology and Exercise Psychology are fields of research and practice that have probably grown as much as the area of sports science in the last 40 years.  And though I claim no expertise in this area, one of the common topics presented, researched and discussed is the area of exercise adherence.  Point in fact; a colleague of mine at Westmont College is currently doing a research study on this very topic with one of my fitness classes. 
We know we should do it.  We know the benefits.  And even if we don’t understand exactly “what program is best” (by the way…it doesn’t exist), we know we should probably be doing more than we are (or at least doing something instead of nothing).  And after 15+ years in the Fitness and Athletic Performance arenas, this is the primary issue I see:
It’s not that people don’t know what to do…it’s simply that they won’t or can’t do it consistently enough to make lasting change.
I have found that my approach to Strength & Conditioning and Fitness has drastically changed over the past several years with the realization of this dilemma.  So much so that we often do not offer “deals” (or at least the typical deals) to our clientele come January.  I don’t want new people in the front door who will leave in 31 days.  I don’t want to offer specials that encourage people to disengage after just getting started.  And that is what I most often find happens in the typical gym or club setting.  If you’re ready in December or February…start then!  I want and expect lasting changes in our clients and our athletes.  So how and why do we do that?  Quite simply, we use the Transtheoretical Model of change with our clients.  In layman’s terms, we ask our clients what they want, what they believe they can do, and then provide the encouragement and accountability we deem appropriate to make that a lifelong process of change.
The Transtheoretical Model of change has been around for about 40 years, and love it or hate it, it has some value in recognizing the process and helping people toward making lasting positive changes (i.e. habits).  The Model notes 5 stages of mental readiness and phases of making changes:
Pre-Contemplation: Not ready to change (the pros of change are outweighed by the cons)
Contemplation: Thinking about changing and will do so soon (the scales are beginning to tip)
Preparation: Ready for change.  Initial steps are taken.
Action: Game on.  Things are happening.
Maintenance: The game is still on but takes some effort to keep going.
Termination: Not a defined stage, but the reality that the HABIT is formed and there is no temptation of backsliding any longer.
I don’t care if you’re an Olympic or World Class athlete, want to drop 20lbs for “health reasons,” or are coming back from the ACL injury.  It’s a process.  So my question to you is this…are you ready?   (you know which one I’m talking about!)?!  It simply does not matter how good it is. 
It WON’T work for you if you are not ready to work for it.
Let’s be honest, then.  Ask yourself the question.  And, if your response is yes, let me follow up with a few more questions that may help guide your process and give perspective on just how ready you are:
1.  Who are you doing this for? You or a friend or a spouse? If it’s not primarily for you, use caution here and reconsider.
2.  Why are you doing this?  Is there a truly GOOD reason (and not just because you want to drop a couple pounds…just because)?  Does it have lasting value to your life?
3.  Do you have support, or will those close to you cause confusion or mislead or even slow your progress?  This is a big deal…truly.  Support is necessary so that on the days (and they will come) you don’t feel like it, they will encourage and remind you of you answers to the first 2 questions I listed.
4.  Now, are you ready?  How ready are you?  What can you do…forever?  I really like these questions.  If you can’t do this for 6 days out of 7 (or 80-90% of the time), every week for the rest of your life…why are we even talking about it?  The chances of this lasting and becoming a life-changing habit are extremely low. 
Now hear me on this:
If you are ready but you feel like you can only take a baby step, which leads you to believe you aren’t ready…you are believing a lie.  Baby steps ARE allowed (didn’t you see the movie “What About Bob?!”).  You are you.  You are not your friend or co-worker.  Start where you can start.  Gain success.  Keep doing it. 
I’ve watched people increase vertical jumps by 8-10 inches, increase squat strength by 100s of pounds (literally), and lose 100+ pounds of body fat approaching change this way.
Think about it.  Reflect on it. 
Is there value in making this change for your life?
Are you ready?
Where can you start?
Who is going to back you up and encourage (and admonish) you when you need it?
Stop living lives by January 1st.  It’s just a day on the calendar…and it may not be your day.

March Workout

  1. Perform Warm up set of 4 reps.
  2. Then 10-12 reps of each exercise in circuit
  3. 3-4 sets of each circuit
  4. 0-30 seconds of recovery between sets

Use resistance that will allow for proper form and neutral spine throughout each exercise.

The Sunshine Vitamin

By Juliann Boubel, BS, CSCS

Santa Barbara’s mountain trails and ocean waves create the perfect opportunity to engage in numerous outdoor activities. There is something about our city that makes you want to be in the open-air. Add in a perfect dose of sunshine nearly every day of the year and making plans to enjoy the outdoors is as easy as spray on sunscreen!  Did you know that just being in the sun actually increases your mood, promotes good immune system function, helps mineralize your bones and decreases the chances of stroke, diabetes and cardiac disease? All of these outcomes are the result of Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. When UVB light hits the skin, a reaction occurs that causes cholesterol to stimulate Vitamin D production. While some foods are fortified with the vitamin, the best way for your body to get the amount it needs is from the sun. Just 10-15 minutes 3 days per week without sun block can greatly change the structure of your body chemistry.
Because the easiest and most efficient means of getting this nutrient comes from UVB light, those with little exposure to the outdoors can suffer from deficiency in this vitamin. Countries at northern latitudes, people with indoor occupations, and even cities with high volumes of air pollution can contribute to a shortage of this vitamin’s synthesis. Vitamin D’s main function is to aid calcium absorption and facilitate bone mineralization.  Today, most dairy products contain added vitamin D to ensure calcium is properly used and to protect against the development of rickets in children and osteoporosis in older adults.
One of the neatest things about Vitamin D is its ability to increase mood and physical performance. In 2005, the American Society for Mineral and Bone research concluded that after tested, a control group performed better in a balance and strength test than those with low serum levels of the vitamin. The latter group also greatly increased in performance after a boost in vitamin D! In addition, another group tested revealed that pre-weight loss, having high levels of vitamin D aided overall abdominal fat loss!
With all these awesome benefits, it is easy to see that this sunshine vitamin is a miracle worker.  Currently, it is recommended to get between 1,000-2,000 IU of the vitamin per day, but physicians around the globe are rallying for more. Thankfully, Santa Barbara provides plenty of sunlight and clear, warm days to encourage movement outside even in the winter months! Surely, Prevail Clients, you are at least a little more motivated to move about outside. If not, here is one more cool fact to mull over: Vitamin D actually promotes expression of an antimicrobial gene—that means your immune system is kicking cold-season to the curb every time you go for a hike, play beach volleyball or walk down State Street. Pretty cool, huh?
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