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Prevail Conditioning Reviews

Personal Training Santa Barbara

If you're looking for small group (2-10), individualized, motivating exercise classes that are strength building and make you work up a sweat, look no further! I found Prevail in 2011 and have continued with them. Their trainers are well above the norm and are vigilant on form, so you can confidently train without injury. Family feel with the staff truly caring about their clients. Screening and one on one training offered, as well as several other services. All totally worth the price. If you're going to invest in health and fitness, this is the spot!

Michelle D.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

I heard about Prevail's Adult Sports Conditioning class through some friends that were signed up. They were doing the class to improve their strength, speed and agility on the beach volleyball courts.

I thought "Dang, I can really benefit from that!" Plus, I had just took a month off from playing beach volleyball and was feeling pretty out of shape.

I paid $10 for a trial class. It was awesome! The workout program was customized for specific exercises that were focused on exactly what I wanted. In addition to Allie (Instructor), Peter (Owner) was helping out. Both were making me fine tune positioning and techniques to isolate specific muscle groups that were weak. I was really impressed.

Quickly (like less than 3 classes) I was noticing that I was jumping higher and turning quicker on the beach volleyball court. I was so happy.

I continue to do their workouts. They offer the Adult Sports Conditioning class two times a week. It's awesome.

Reid P.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

As a person who was/is athletic but getting older (52) I knew I could be better but didn't know what to do or how to best help myself. Going through the initial assessment by Brook and getting a daily plan from Peter I'm now educated and working everyday to get back as much as I can and keep it. My body doesn't have the daily aches and pains that I used to have by a long way and I just started a couple of weeks ago. Pretty awesome and I'm getting back to balance and working on my posture. Never even knew it was so jacked up but when I see the difference I'm glad to be actively working to get that right which will help tons of other things. Heck. I even wasn't walking right anymore. Lol. Fixing that has been fast and effective. All to say that Prevail has been fantastic for my daily life and enjoyment of it and I'm definitely getting back years.

David P.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Prevail Conditioning has got the whole package as far as fitness, injury recovery/prevention and nutrition coaching. I had a Martial Arts related injury that set me back quite a bit in terms of strength and mobility, despite doing my PT and everything else that I could I just couldn't get back to where I was before. Peter Blumert from Prevail Conditioning changed that! I walk better, I stand better and I'm stronger that I have been in a long time. Peter is extremely knowledgeable and pays extreme attention to every single detail of body movement during training. If my head is off slightly, or my hips are not precisely aligned or anything at all in my form is not absolutely perfect, he will correct that until my pattern is strong and fluid and I completely own it! On top of all that, they have an amazingly talented physical therapist that works with them, Brooke, who ensures that you stay on track and don't over or under do it in training. Plus Diego Garcia, who besides being a trainer at prevail, is a Chinese Medicine specialist and masterfully prescribes powerful herbs to aid in natural immunity boosting and performance. And just to top it all off, Prevail Conditioning got me in a nutrition program that is a complete game changer, literally, it changed everything! No quick, temporary depriving, fad diet of sorts but, real attainable life changing small increments that you can carry on forever. I lost 20lbs in the last 8 weeks without really trying to hard, honestly! I started training at Prevail this past summer and I can't recommend this place enough, it made me a better version of myself!

Diego B.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Jason is Prevail's massage therapist and is amazing. I am a triathlete and cyclist and was looking for someone who can both work my tight spots and also provide recovery. Jason was able to do all that extremely well. I have already come back once and will keep coming back.

Carl P.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Once again a big thank you to Prevail Conditioning, especially coach JB for pushing me, and Jason for the deep tissue massages. Despite very limited swim and run training, but with good (Prevail Core & Strength) fitness, I was able to place second in my age division at the 2018 Carpinteria Sprint Course Triathlon.

Michael K.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Prevail is the place to go if you're serious about getting in shape and achieving your fitness goals. Their staff are highly trained, highly credentialed, and will work with you to develop a program catered to meet your needs. Whether you are simply trying to get in better shape, or training for a specific event or goal, the trainers at Prevail will help you get results. The group classes are awesome for maintaining a baseline fitness level with the help and supervision of a highly trained coach/trainer, and their individual coaching/training is the best available in Santa Barbara. Plus it's a fun atmosphere with lots of good people. I can't recommend it highly enough!!

Justin M.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Going into my 5th year as a senior and am still excited to attend each class. Great to know a specialized trainer will correct my body position to insure each movement will give me the ultimate workout. Even with severe scoliosis and shoulder replacements, I've not experienced any pain. The facility is clean, the trainers, owners are friendly and we all have a great time with a good deal of laughter. First class is free, come try us.

Carell J.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

The Prevail Conditioning Team is amazing; I have worked with Peter for several years and from day one he wanted to know --and focus-- on my fitness goals; he listens, asks questions and tracks my progress. Peter's knowledge, experience and positive approach to fitness has helped me immensely -- starting with my first session. The gym facility is immaculate -- they have everything!

Molly M.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Prevail is a great place for people of all skill and fitness levels. The group training classes are challenging but class sizes are kept small enough that you get plenty of individual attention. The trainers (Peter in particular) are extremely knowledgeable, they focus on correct form while still pushing you to do your absolute best. The facility is brand new, spotless and organized. When I started going to Prevail I was suffering from major low back pain, over the last 18 months, I've gained strength and flexibility and my back pain is pretty much non-existent.

Cat A.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Prevail is clearly a five star training experience, whatever your level of fitness and competitive goals. From world class and professional athletes all the way down the ladder to people like me, a once decent intramural-ist who still loves to move and play, we can all benefit from Prevail's scientifically excellent, holistic approach to fitness, strength training and movement.

I've enjoyed 7 or 8 years of working out in various, small-group classes with Chris, Peter, and their team. By consistently focusing on all-around strength, improved flexibility and movement, counteracting the too many hours I spend each day sitting in front of a computer, I've enjoyed a long season of far fewer injuries, longer ski days, fun and games with my kids, better fitness on the bike, in the water, and hiking . . . the list goes on. With a fun group and a good leader in a well equipped facility, I both go harder and get far more work done in an hour than if I had to plan it myself and do it alone.

I'm selfishly thankful there aren't more professional athletes in Santa Barbara because that leaves just enough room for the rest of us to enjoy the excellence the Prevail team brings to the table.

Fred F.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

I found the trainers at Prevail Conditioning able to meet my requirements and more. They are focused and dedicated. I have been able to increase flexibility, strength, and endurance since joining. Kudos to Adrian Evaart for challenging me three times a week and providing me with a great regimen that yields results! I will keep coming back.

Ronald H.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Peter and the team a Prevail Conditioning are excellent. They understand and work with all skill levels with an emphasis on safety. Their facility is beautiful with brand new equipment. I've been going to their early morning group classes for about 2 months now and have been seeing great results. Thanks you guys!

Tony S.

Personal Training Santa Barbara

Great trainers, great classes, great facility! I would highly recommend!

Evelyn F.

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