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  • Personal Training in Santa Barbara - Prevail Conditioning - Larry Nowlin - March 2019

    Larry Nowlin - March 2019

    Meet Larry Nowlin!
    I'm a California guy. I grew up in Pasadena, graduated from UCSB twice with a BA and MA, and spent some time in Europe. I’m retired but much of my career was in Aerospace in Santa Barbara. I’m happily married and we stay healthy and active. When did you start coming to Prevail?
    It seems a long time ago, maybe 15 years ago. At the time I was working, sitting around in front of the computer, getting fat and out of shape, going to meetings, and eating power lunches. It was not good; Prevail saved me. I started with private lessons and moved into group classes. I took a break but now I'm back and part of that ....

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  • Masa Suzuki Method

    Masa Suzuki Method This workshop focuses on being able to move freely on the ground, in the air, and wherever you can imagine. We will also focus on the energy of your surroundings (objects and people) and how this influences your flow. Being able to freely move your bodies 3 centers; your pelvic, spine and shoulder blades, is very important to maintaining your health. When you practice movement on your own everything can seem to be close to perfect. However, the important question to ask yourself is: “Are you functional in fluctuating situations?" Or too ask another way, "Can you still move as great when there’s external pressure?.” You can never ....

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  • February Newsletter

    View this email in your browser February 2019 Connect with us on social media! February is almost over. March is coming. New Year’s Resolutions are traditionally coming to a close at this point in the year. Question: how are you doing? Are you growing? Developing new, good, positive change and habits? Pitfalls happen. But the trend of life and the path ....

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  • Personal Training in Santa Barbara - Prevail Conditioning - Precision Nutrition Testimonial - Diego Barbieri

    Precision Nutrition Testimonial - Diego Barbieri

    Meet Diego Barbieri!
    I was born and raised in thesouthern moststate ofBrazil in Rio Grande do Sul. Myparents have always been diligent, hard-working andphysicallyactive people. Their example has had a tremendously positive impact and influenced the way I am today. Being raised in a house with three active boys helped shape my competitive side. My father, brother and I were constantly competing, whether it was ping-pong, backyard soccer, tree-climbing, or seeing who could eat more braised beets in a minute, we were always going at it! I moved to the USA almost 14 years ago at age 25, straight to Santa Barbara. What originally could have been a temporary surf trip turned into home ....

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  • Personal Training in Santa Barbara - Prevail Conditioning - Client Spotlight - January 2019

    Client Spotlight - January 2019

    Meet Sue Collisson!
    I’m a former paralegal with County Counsel’s office in the litigation division. Now, however, I’ve been enjoying retirement with my husband for the last year and a half. When did you start coming to Prevail?
    My initial entry to training classes pre-dates Prevail, when Hayashida and Associates ran their own classes, and continued when Maury contracted with Prevail to provide trainers. Two of my current classmates and I have been working out together in these classes for about the last eight years! What impact has training at Prevail made in your life?
    Over the course of the first several months of these ....

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  • Personal Training in Santa Barbara - Prevail Conditioning - How Does Acupuncture Work?

    How Does Acupuncture Work?

    How does acupuncture work?
    Acupuncture’s claim to fame comes from its ability to influence blood flow in the body. When a needle is inserted into an acupuncture point, a unique effect occurs within the network system of tissues, organs, nerves, and the brain. The needle has the effect of promoting blood flow to a specific region and this fresh healthy blood is what brings about the effect of healing. If you’ve ever benefited from acupuncture you might remember that areas where acupuncture points were used feel warm, heavy, or full. These sensations illustrate the miraculous ability of needles to govern blood flow in the body.
    Why is blood so important?
    Blood contains ....

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  • Personal Training in Santa Barbara - Prevail Conditioning - Moxibustion


    Moxibustion Today we are looking into a less well-known modality called Moxibustion. This technique employs the burning of a commonly used herb called Artemesia Vulgaris, Mugwort, or Ai Ye in Pinyin. The unique chemical, and structural makeup of the herb, along with its volatile oil content allows this herb to burn cooler than most, burn for longer, and keep its structural integrity in the burning process. For these reasons, and for its warming and energetically moving qualities, Ai Ye is processed in to Moxa, which is then used for Moxibustion. Ai Ye is an herb that has a warm and spicy nature to it. Its actions on the body are one and the same. By igniting the herb, its ....

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    A knowledgeable staff, great products and service, an expert group of advisors. That’s what makes us Perform Better. Expert Staff! Speed, strength, agility, power, stability and conditioning are vital components to success in any athletic competition. With this in mind, Perform Better has carefully selected each product in this catalog for its ability to help improve sports performance. Whether you’re trying to make your athletes stronger, faster or more explosive, you can trust our expert staff to suggest the right products to meet your needs.
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    It starts ....

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