Neutral Spine and Pelvic Tilts for Golf Swing Performance

Don Parsons, PGA, TPI

This month we are starting a 3-part video series on golf posture by PGA pro Don Parsons, from the Studio at Twin Lakes. Don is an experienced and knowledgable golf pro with decades of competitive and teaching experience.  When he is not analyzing golf swings, he trains with Prevail Coach Guzman to build a better physical foundation for his own swing.  

Check out the video below!

To set up a an appointment with Don, visit his website to set up an appointment today!

Santa Barbara Golf Academy coming this May!

Prevail Conditioning is excited to announce a joint venture with PGA Professionals Richard Chavez and Dave Thornton and Santa Barbara Golf Club.

Beginning this May, we will initiate a program that will be the first of its kind for golfers in the Santa Barbara area.

Dave Thornton and Richard Chavez will bring decades of expertise in the areas of swing mechanics, golf strategy and sports psychology. The exciting addition to these One Day Seminars will be benefits of power production, postural correction, fine motor control, and joint mobility and stability. As these concepts are becoming more prevalent in the literature and golfing world, our goal is to add a component and perspective to our attendees that will be like none other.

Details for the Santa Barbara Golf Academy / All Day Golf School
1 Hour Seminar/Breakfast at Mulligans Restaurant
2 Hours Golf Instruction with PGA Pros Richard Chavez/Dave Thornton
1 Hour Corrective Exercise / Strength & Power Instruction with
Performance Coach Chris Ecklund
18 Holes Golf
Tuesdays starting in May 2009!

For further information or to Register, contact:
Dave Thornton at 805.687.7087 /
Richard Chavez at
Chris Ecklund at 925.285.0924 /

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