Herbal Cleanse

Herbal Cleanse Muffins

If you struggle to drink the cleanse, here is a great muffin recipe that will get you the same results:

6 packages Fiber (from box)
1 3/4 cup Whole Wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
Dash of nutmeg
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
Mix dry ingredients together.
1/3 cup honey
1 cup applesauce- the kind without sugar added
2 egg whites
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup soy milk- can substitute milk
Stir this into the dry ingredients and blend together.
FOLD IN 1 large chopped apple. Spoon into muffin tin sprayed with non-stick spray. This makes 12 muffins, and you may pile the batter up as they do not raise much.
Bake at 350 for about 20-30 minutes.
Cool muffins.
Place 6 muffins in bag and freeze for the last 3 days of your Herbal Cleanse.
Eat 2 muffins a day for the first three days and 2 muffins a day for the last 3 days.


8 Habits, 8 Weeks, 8% Body Fat

Begin the Journey to Health Before the New Year
Part 1 of 8

If the title is what intrigued you…great. But know that my intention in writing this series is not to simply help you lose 8% of body fat in the next 8 weeks. Truthfully…that’s not as difficult a prospect as most think. There are thousands of “diets” available that can help you do that. So if that’s all you’re looking for, move on because you’re not going to like the rest of what’s in here.

Losing weight is easy.

Over my years in the fitness industry I’ve met countless people who tell me that losing weight isn’t the problem…keeping the weight off is! They’ve done the diets (good and bad ones), they’ve dropped the 10-15 pounds, and then 2-3 months later they are right back where they started…or worse.

By the way…what’s the point in waiting until January 1st? If you are ready, get started and ward off the extra 2-5 pounds you were going to gain in the next month of holiday parties anyway.

So what’s the deal? The trick? The magic technique?

Consistency. It’s that simple…and that difficult.

My guess is that at this point you’re either rolling your eyes or you’re feeling the impact of where I’m headed. This is the deal, though. Yes, there are all kinds of nutrition and exercise techniques and tricks I can offer my clients to lose some body fat quickly. And there are times when we’ll do that. But if the weight is going to stay off, I ALWAYS come back to consistency. Let’s be honest for a moment and blow the cover on all the quick fixes out there…THEY…DON’T…WORK! We’ve tried too many things not to understand that change in life (in any area) takes 2 simple ingredients: work and consistency. So let’s agree to embrace the truth, quit messing around with things that offer short-term fixes or false hope, and get to work.

Most of the struggles and physical problems I see that result in excess weight and a variety of cardiovascular disease (among others) are a result of doing just a few things wrong. The problem is that what we do wrong, we do it wrong enough long enough to throw our bodies spiraling into a frenzy of physical mayhem.

It’s not that we’re doing everything wrong. It’s simply that we’re doing a few things wrong and we’re doing it wrong consistently. That’s the fix. The difference I see between “success” and “failure” in this arena centers around:
-the ability to change a few habits
-the ability to be consistent about the implementation of those habits
-the ability and desire to continue getting back on track more often and more quickly after getting off.

So before we get into the meat of how to attack this and make some lasting changes that will stay with you for a lifetime, let me offer a definition of fitness or health success.
Fitness/Health = caring for the gift you have been given (in your body) in such a way as to honor the One who gave it to you in order to be able to accomplish the tasks/jobs/passions/responsibilities put before you in this life.

Now, I realize that is quite off the beaten path as far as health descriptions go, but I do believe there is a wealth of benefit in that perspective…and it has been of significant value in my own life. It also leaves room for some differences. Example: fitness for a professional athlete involves a tremendous amount of time and effort on nutrition and exercise. If that is the job and passion to which he/she has been called, it requires more focus. A school teacher, on the other hand does not need to put the same time and effort in order to achieve a reasonable level of health in order to carry out the task or passions before her…nor should she! It is unnecessary.

Stop listening to the ads, buying into the commercials, and comparing yourselves to those that are called to different tasks or passions. You don’t need to look like them to lead a full and healthy life. I’ve got some news for you folks, self worth is not found in a dress size or a body fat percentage (focus on self worth…self esteem is overrated). Never has been. A study I heard yesterday said one of the primary differences between those that labeled themselves as “happy” and those who were “unhappy” was that “happy” people watched 20% less TV. Read into that what you like, but I can tell you it’s true for me.

If you’re still with me and want to make some lasting change in your life that will begin in the next 8 weeks, let’s get started. I truly hope you find success here and begin the journey well. But I would encourage you to check your perspective and beliefs. If you are not on the same page with me at this point, you’re going to fail. You will give up when the body fat doesn’t leave fast. You will not be committed to the process. And even if you drop 8% or 10% or even 15% in 2 months…you’ll gain it right back because you missed the point. Don’t do that to yourself…again.

If you are on the same page, good things are to come. I worked with a friend on this very same process. She had struggled with weight her entire life. She was over 300 lbs. and nearing 50 years old. Blood pressure meds., cholesterol meds., etc. Things were not getting better. She stuck with me, bought into the lifestyle, and 2 years later she was over 100 pounds lighter with a renewed passion for life (read Jeanne’s story here).

Over the next eight weeks we’ll be exploring what I have seen to be some of the key nutrition habits that effect long term health and weight management (muscle gain or fat loss). ONE HABIT per WEEK. That’s it. Do one thing well, make it a habit, and then we add to it. I will cover both the areas of food intake and supplementation. In all that I have gathered from those I respect in the nutrition field, I have come to 2 conclusions at this point:
1. We need to do our best to get as many nutrients through real food as possible.
2. Even if we eat well, we won’t get all we need through real food so it’s worth filling in the gaps with appropriate supplements.

I will offer you the supplement suggestions I offer my clients in case you are looking for products you can trust. These are the products I trust and are the only ones I recommend to my clients.

Lastly, if you’re not currently exercising, you need to get at it. I’ll explore that arena in some upcoming articles, but suffice it to say that I believe nutrition is the bigger issue here which is why I’ll focus on it. As for exercise…2-4 times/week of 20-30 minutes of vigorous activity (circuit training weights and or cardiovascular activity).

Food Habit #1: Drink ½ of your body weight in ounces of Water/day.
Example: If you weigh 140 lbs., you should drink about 70 ounces of
water each day.
*If you sweat a lot, drink 15-20 ounces more per day.
*If you don’t sweat much, adjust your ounces down a bit.
*Yes, you can do teas (i.e. Green Herbal or Oolong Herbal).
*Don’t count any other beverages (avoid soda, monitor juice).

Why? Among the many reasons this is important, let me name a few:
-Thirst is often masked as hunger (meaning you think you’re hungry but you’re actually thirsty). Drink first, then decide if your body truly wants calories.
-Helps you stay hydrated with less calories.
-Keeps metabolism boosted (all metabolic activity occurs in body fluids; less fluid = less metabolism).
-Digestion and excretion suffer (both negatively impact weight loss/management).

How? Carry around a 20-25 ounce reusable water bottle with you at all times. Drink it whenever you think of it throughout the day (not all at once!).

Supplement Habit #1: Cleanse, Breakfast and Energy.
Why? If you haven’t read my article entitled “GI, Oh My,” make sure to so you understand the benefits of cleansing toward the ends of weight loss (as a colleague of mine says, “If it ain’t comin’ out, it ain’t comin off!”).
-A quality breakfast with good protein primes the metabolism. You can either use the Meal Replacement Shake for this meal or for lunch (whichever you struggle to get in consistently).
-A healthy, clean energy drink supports your metabolism during your “low” point during the day so energy stays up and food decisions stay good.

*Get the following products (see note at end of article to save):
Herbal Cleanse

Meal Replacement Shake

Spark, SLAM, or V-16

Your task: focus only on water consumption, a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast or lunch, Herbal Cleanse, and Spark/V-16 this week…no other nutrition habits.

Example Day/Week One:
Herbal Cleanse 30 min before Breakfast
Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast (within 1 hour of waking)
Water and snack
Spark 30 minutes before lunch
Water/Tea and lunch
Water and Snack
Water/Tea and Dinner
Herbal Cleanse before bed

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Stay Tuned for Part 2 the Day after Thanksgiving!

Donnelly, Jenny. Commit 2 Fit. 2006.

GI Cleansing Fun: Q&A

featured on CBN.com (click here)

I am in the middle of a 7-day Arbonne detox cleanse and am starting to feel cramped. I have learned that this is normal when the body is cleansing itself (similar to being sore after a massage). I am curious if this rings true with your experience as well. Your opinion is appreciated! 5 days till I can have M&Ms for breakfast!

Amy Eddy



Thanks for you question. I believe the answer to your question is a quite simple one, but allow me this opportunity to share a few thoughts on the issue for those who are not “on track” quite as much as you obviously are.

First, so I’ve covered my bases, I need to reiterate that I am not a nutritionist or registered dietitian. That said, as a Personal Trainer and Strength Coach for over 10 years I have found that one of the greatest hurdles to clients achieving health/wellness/performance goals is nutrition. It’s something who’s value most people drastically underestimate.

One common example, if I may digress for a moment:
Which is the easier method to achieve a daily calorie deficit necessary for weight loss?
A. A 5 second decision not to eat the fast food burger and fries, which contains at least 500 calories (empty at that).
B. A 45-60 minute cardio session to burn 500 calories.

Simple answer, of course. But many who read this will have that knee-jerk reflex answer, “But I LOVE the burger and fries…I can’t give it up.” Whether it’s the emotional response, the comfort food, will power, or simply a habit-changing issue, the point is that many choose against the obvious answer.

As such, I have found myself constantly seeking information from trusted sources in the field of nutrition to help me better work with my clients so I can safely aid in goal achievement on the nutrition end.

The “Cleanse” issue is something that I have found to be more and more common in both popular and scientific literature over the past 5 years. And though it seems a quite separate issue than the example above, I have found that it is not entirely unrelated.

From the nutrition conventions I have attended, I have learned more and more that the U.S. has been a bit behind the curve on this health practice. In fact, Europeans have been keyed in on this practice for several years (if not decades). Quick Sidenote…have you ever had a conversation with individuals from Europe who visit the U.S.? Interesting to hear their take on the American diet. Our practices and quantities tend to be significantly different than theirs (and not for the better).

From what I have seen, there are many forms of “cleanses” available in the marketplace now. Some of them found in pop literature range from simply homemade recipes to liquid fasts of sorts to products purchased containing various pro- and/or prebiotics and fiber. Whichever the method of cleanse used, the oft-cited benefits usually involve some of following:

-Greater clearing/cleaning of the GI tract
-Increased probiotics (good bacteria in intestines aiding in digestion/absorption)
-Decreased constipation and diarrhea
-Decreased effects of Crohn’s Disease, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis
-Decreased yeast infections, Chronic Candidiasis, Canker Sores, Food Allergies, Eczema.
-Increased Immune Function.
Source: Carl Keen, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Nutrition & Internal Medicine

I often site the act and need of cleansing to that of decreasing artery plaque and serum LDL’s. If our body struggles to function when our arteries are clogged due to increased demands on the heart and difficulties getting nutrients in and wastes out, doesn’t it make sense that the same is true for our GI Tract?

The fact of the matter is that in a world (and society) that not only doesn’t consume the most nutrient dense foods (nor do we have them as easily available do to processing and distribution issues), but also doesn’t consistently get in enough fiber (both soluble and insoluble) to keep things moving through our system…we need a little help. Of course beyond the obvious benefit of regularity, fiber has been associated with decreased colon cancer, decreased diverticulitis, decreased CHD and Type II Diabetes.
Source: Robert M. Hackman, Ph.D., Research Nutrition

Now back to my earlier contention—the relationship between Weight Loss and Cleanses. A fact I gained at a convention a year ago was that 50% of the U.S. not regular (defined as 1 gentle daily bowel movement). Now compare that to the overweight numbers in the U.S.: about 66%. Of course many other factors play in, but is there a possibility that even simple digestion/excretion plays in? Many nutritionists I know hold to the mantra, “If it ain’t comin’ out…it ain’t comin off!” I know…good stuff, huh? I even heard it said at a Personal Training conference about 10 years ago that by age 35 or 40, most people are carrying around about 10-15 pounds of waste in their intestines (and they’re wondering why they just can’t seem to lose those last 10 pounds to get down to their high school weight).

Amy, you’ve been patient. With all of that background I believe the simple answer to your question is, “Yes.” Most often, when people do a cleanse for the first time—especially if they are not consistent consumers of nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods—there is usually some intestinal discomfort early on. There may even be some feelings of diarrhea at times as the body is literally purging itself from a bunch of…well…you know. Empirically, I have found that the more regular consumption of nutrient-dense, high-fiber foods along with regular cleansing (approximately every 3 months), this cramping tends to diminish.

Rules of Thumb for achieving the benefits labeled above associated with a health and cleansed GI Tract:

1. Eat several servings of fruits and veggies daily (www.mypyramid.gov).
2. Strive for 25-35 grams of fiber each day.
3. Avoid refined/processed foods as much as possible (eat whole foods, grains, wheats, etc).
4. Cleanse every 3 months as a preventative measure.
For those searching for a good product, this is the product I use and recommend for my clients:

Hope that helps. And by the way, hope the M&Ms were worth the wait.

Prevail Conditioning