Coach Eck’s Training Sessions 2/11/13 – 2/25/13

Prevail Strength Coach Jacob Goodin

Have you ever wondered how Chris “Eck” Ecklund gets his training sessions in despite his busy schedule?  Below are his last eight sessions, complete with the rationale for each lift.  Enjoy!

Santa Barbara High School Football Hell Weeks

This August I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with the Santa Barbara High School football program. I am truly pleased to say that my time with the SBHS coaching staff was probably the best experience I’ve had with a coaching staff from any sport at any level. The coaches were open and trusting to turn the reigns of all the Strength, Performance and Conditioning work over to my staff and me. Rare. Aside from that their communication with myself and coaching staff was excellent. Their desire to do what was best for their team(s) and begin the building process (during a rebuilding year for their program) of developing safe and efficacious training practices is truly admirable. I know that this season is going to be a long haul for them but am quite certain that with the desire and concern for doing what is best for their program, they will quickly be where they desire to be.

Hats off to Coaches Jaime Melgoza, Doug Caines, Sean Simms, Char Vandaele (ATC), and all of the other coaches whose names I’ve missed.

Below you’ll find some of the footage from the training we did on site:

Exercise of the Week: The Squat

Here’s a basic exercise that basically everyone performs poorly. I see it in the gym literally everyday. Usually it’s as simple as:

Male use too much weight and can’t stabilize the movment
Females can’t stabilize the movement and therefore can’t use more weight

It’s something that everyone should be able to do (regardless of gender, age, sport, etc.) as long as there are no joint or health limitations. If you can’t do it, it may mean you’ve got some limitations to fix (joint mobility, joint flexibility, strength decrements, muscle imbalance, improper muscle firing patterns).

Hope this helps!

Chris Ecklund to present at 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention

I am excited to announce that I will have the opportunity to be a Presenter at this year’s IDEA World Fitness Convention for Strength Coaches, Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Professionals.
I will be presenting on Progression Periodization for Power and dealing with the movement side of periodization (an often overlooked periodization component) to improve muscle firing and function.

The 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention will be held in Anaheim, CA on August 12-16, 2009. They will host over 5,000 fitness professionals from all over the world at the 2009 IDEA World Fitness Convention in The OC (Anaheim), California.

For more information, visit the IDEA website (click here).

May 2008 Core Conditioning Group Training

Here’s the Core Conditioning training class at Hayashida & Associates Physical Therapy Clinic. For those of you who are athletes, weekend warriors, or just looking for something different than the typical “gym” workout…put this into effect for a month and watch your agility, stability, balance, explosiveness and core strength improve. If you are an athlete, you can utilize this program as a pre-season, in-season or off season program for improving strength and power-endurance. Variations and progressions exist with each exercise.

Holler with questions:

Dynamic Warm Up/Movement Prep (5-10 minutes)

Core Circuit (2-4 Sets / 30 seconds each / 0-5 seconds between exercises)
Ab Roller
Swiss Ball Back Extension
Quadruped Ipsilateral
Draw In Unsupported March
Cable PNF Lift
Side Bridge (both)

Explosive / Balance Circuit (same sets/time)
DB Push Press
Forward/Reverse Mini Band Walk (Abduction)
Mini Hurdle Skip (forward/reverse)
Zig Zag Hop & Stick
Push Up Clap or Pivot Push Up
Bodyblade PNF w/SL Balance

Agility / Lift Circuit (same sets/time)
Miniband Lateral Shuffle
Single Leg RDL Contralateral
Quad Patterns (1-2’s & 3-4’s)
FreeMotion Push-Pull
Cone Star Drill
DB Lunge w/Press & Knee Punch

Active-Isolated Stretching Cool Down (5-10 minutes)
Strength/Agility Circuit
Bear Crawl/Crab Walk
Agility Ladder 2 Step Backward Run
Valslide Push Up
Fan Drill Cones
Split Squat & Cable Row
Clock Drill Cones

Perform exercises with perfect posture and landing technique prior to progressing to more difficult variations. If you can’t do it slow and controlled…you can’t do it fast and heavy! Simple as that.


Consult a physician prior to beginning any exercise program and stop at the onset of any pain or dizziness.

Dumbbell Snatch: One of my new favorite exercises

This is one exercise I have come to like over the past year. For those of you who are looking to add to your power production and exercise selection toolbox in order to do so, this might be one to take a look at.

One of the reasons I like this exercise is that it tends to be much less technically involved than the traditional barbell Clean or Snatch. From a Strength Coach’s perspective, it’s a nice exercise to put in that produces great full body power and doesn’t take as much time to teach and get athletes to a point of solid technique.

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t recommend jumping into the lift without appropriate progression and coaching–at the bare minimum you should be technically proficient in Clean Pulls and Clean High Pulls with both single and double arms (and if you don’t know what those are…guess what…you’re not proficient).

Here’s a side view with several reps with more of a countermovement emphasis:

Take a gander.

P.S. Vince…don’t do this one. I don’t want to hear any stories like what happened last time!

StrengthCoach.com Podcast: Listen for Free

If you are a Strength Coach, trainer, or simply want to learn more…this is a podcast you shouldn’t miss. Tons of great information from some of the top minds in the industry. Mike Boyle (pictured below) is a regular on the show and is editor and primary contributor to the StrengthCoach.com website.
Program design, strength/power development, quickness/agility development, mobility/stability/flexibility discussion, assessment and movement evaluation, technique tips, warm up and activation ideas, etc.

If you’re not listening, you’re not learning…and trust me, there’s a LOT to learn.

StrengthCoach.com Podcast (click here)

What I Recommend

For those of you who have not yet taken a look at some of the resources I subscribe to and recommend, take a look in the right hand margin of my blog.

I did want to make special note of a couple sites I use for my own reading/learning as well as some of the sites I use for my own purchases and for those of my clients:

StrengthCoach.com: Edited and run by Mike Boyle, this website has some of the top Strength & Conditioning professionals in the country contributing their thoughts and updates on research, program design, nutrition, injury prevention, etc. One of the primary benefits of this site is online video resources. If you’re a strength and conditioning professional or just an avid learner, take a moment to check out this site.

AdvoCare.com: My trusted source for supplement products and information. These are the only products I have taken and recommended to my clients for the past 6 years . With so many companies out there, it’s tough to know who is doing the research and putting safe, quality USP grade products in the packages. These guys do it. And not only that, their products work synergistically well within their easy systems.

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Perform Better: My choice for almost all equipment purchases. Good quality, tons of variety, great library for learning as well.

Human Kinetics:
if you’re looking for ANY book related to exercise, nutrition, training, strength, conditioning, etc., you’ll be able to find it here.

NSCA Performance Videos: A recent find of mine. A great video collection utilizing Dartfish technology showing proper form & technique for several athletic-related lifts, Olympic Lifts and variations, Power Lifts, and Acceleration mechanics.

SPARQ Training: Athletes, this is another Good resource for up-and-coming Performance techniques. Find articles and videos on improving your speed, power, agility, reaction, quickness.

ExRx.net: Another great tool for exercise info and demo videos. Not fun to navigate, but if you take the time you’ll find good info.

CorePerformance.com: Mark Vertegen’s site. Another tremendous site filled with information on exercise for athletic performance, example programs, nutrition insight, and a large library of exercise videos.

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