Chinese Herbal Medicine at Prevail Conditioning

Chinese Herbal Medicine at Prevail Conditioning


In our efforts to expand services and provide more tools to help you succeed, we have adopted Chinese Herbal Medicine as another therapeutic tool to assist you in overcoming health obstacles. If you ever thought about herbal medicine, you might conjure up the image of a witch stirring a cast iron pot, a wood fire boiling up a strange concoction of twigs, leaves, and maybe a random bat wing floating about. To be honest, that is not too far from the real thing! Everything but the bat wing and cast iron is accurate. More on cast iron later…

The benefits of using Chinese Herbal Medicine are numerous:

1.     First and foremost, herbal medicine is one of the oldest form of medicine known to humankind. Traditional Chinese Medicine herbalists have been refining the art of herbal formulations and studying the human body for over two thousand years, using empirical human data to separate what works from what doesn’t.

2.     Chinese Herbal Medicine is very close to food itself, so your body understands how to fully utilize the constituents in it. Its effects are gradual and focused on long-term health, as opposed to quick fixes or aggressive health overhauls.

3.     Chinese Herbal Medicine can deal with almost any form of health imbalance. Whatever is going on in its full expression is unique to you and is treated with that same level of respect and consideration.

4.     Where Chinese Herbal Medicine truly shines is in strengthening your body to the point where it will need less medical intervention when it is faced with health challenges in the future. Instead of chemical dependency, it aims to establish sovereignty for your health.

Now that I have piqued your interest here is how you can you can get started on your own regimen:

·       Step 1: Set up an appointment for an Herbal Consultation. This is a one hour comprehensive health evaluation using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic tools. I will define the pattern of balance and imbalance in your health and then design a custom herbal formula for you to take over a period of time to move you in a direction to improve your health.

·       Step 2: Set up an appointment for an Herbal Consultation Follow Up. This is where I will address the changes that came about from the usage of the formula and decide whether modifications are needed to nudge your health in the direction it needs to go.

Bottom line is that with access to all of the information available today, there is no reason to accept living a life short of reaching your full potential. With Chinese Medicine, you can learn about your body and use what nature has provided for us to thrive day in and day out.

123diegaDiego Garcia – Performance Coach


Diego comes from a varied background of fitness and martial arts including resistance training, acrobatics, Capoeira, saber fencing, hand-balancing, and high-intensity interval conditioning. As a coach, Diego acknowledges the mental and spiritual transformation that goes hand-in-hand with athletic training and helps cement positive habits into real personality traits. Whatever your training goals may be, Diego can help you find the safest and most effective path to realizing your fitness dreams.

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