Mallory Langston-Cooper

My yoga practice started as a child and has continued to evolve throughout my life, I explored various different styles of yoga and like to incorporate bits and pieces of each one in my practice and in my teaching. One of my most memorable yoga-induced transformations came through practicing warm vinyasa yoga.

Soon after that class was when I realized that I wanted to share the practice and become a teacher. I was unhappy with my job, wanted to up my yoga time, and wanted to do something meaningful so I was thrilled when an awesome yoga studio offered a yoga teacher training course. I have since then been igniting my passion to a new level both on and off my yoga mat.

I continue to find strength in exploring poses beyond my comfort zone, growth in allowing myself to let go of my past and present fears as well as find insight into what it really means to be living in the now. The opportunity to offer other people life-transforming experiences inspired me to teach people to get in touch with their own journey towards strength, growth and insight.

I believe yoga is a journey that is ongoing; it is not a means to an end, but a lifestyle.

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