Sports Performance Training

Enhance your sport and athletic performance and decrease risk of injury with our holistic, multidisciplinary system. Our approach to Strength and Conditioning is innovative and scientifically based in order to maximize athleticism, address individual areas of weakness, and focus on individual needs for all sports. Our program design is based on our pre- and ongoing evaluations in the following areas:

  • Health, Exercise and Nutrition History
  • Goals and Needs Analysis
  • Functional Movement Screen™
  • Mobility and Flexibility Assessment
  • Body Composition, Girth Measurement, Weight as needed
  • Strength, Speed and Power Assessments as needed

Whether you are young and just beginning your athletic career, a high school athlete attempting to improve your performance or Professional/Elite athlete looking to maximize your potential and prolong your career, the Prevail approach will meet your needs. We focus on building athletes from the ground up with proper technique, movement mechanics, and age appropriate lifts and intensities. Our experience and low coach to athlete ratios, attention to technique, biomechanics and proper motivation ensures success. We address all areas of your athletic performance through:

  • Linear and Multidirectional Speed
  • Acceleration, Deceleration and Maximum Velocity Mechanics
  • Power and Rate of Force Development
  • Olympic Lifting
  • Strength and Functional Strength
  • Footwork and foot speed
  • Sport Specific Reduced Bodyfat and Increased Lean Mass
  • Static and Dynamic Balance
  • Joint and Spine Stability
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Motor Control and Learning
  • Biomechanics
  • Periodization
  • Energy System Development (Phosphagen, Glycolytic, Oxidative)
  • Injury Reduction and Corrective Exercise Prescription
  • Increased Career Longevity
  • Plyometrics
  • Myofascial Release and Soft Tissue Techniques

Private Training

Private Training at Prevail Conditioning is an excellent option for those who seek one on one focus, accountability and coaching to maximize results. Private training is beneficial for any level of athlete from youth to world-class. Our elite performance center was designed with you in mind. We have the tools and know how to take your performance to the next level. Our programs are individualized to address the specific needs and goals of the client.

Semi-Private Group

Prevail Conditioning also offers Semi-Private Training for athletes who desire the attention of individualized program design with the motivation and accountability of working out with their teammates. With low client to coach ratio (no more than 1- 4 clients/group), you will get the focused attention that motivates you at a price that’s right.

Group Training

With several different age groups and ability levels from youth through world-class athletes, Prevail offers something for everyone. Our Group Training sessions offer a client to coach ratio (no more than 8 clients per group) that allow for individual attention and focus on technique.

Youth Athletes

During these foundational years, the need and ability to improve motor learning and neurological development is extremely high. There is a physiological window available to groove and ingrain motor patterns that only lasts a few short years. We tap into that potential in a fun, motivating, creative and exploration-based environment.

We put a strong emphasis on balance, relative strength, running technique, athleticism, coordination and foundational movement patterns.  This emphasis sets the stage for long term athletic development leading to improved all around athletic performance, injury prevention and sport enjoyment.

High School Athletes

At the secondary level of sport competition, the need and desire for improved performance is higher. Developmentally, athletes are at a physiological and motor control level to begin the process of maximal strength, speed, power and energy system development. With a strong foundation laid in the Youth Program, we seek to hone and groove movement mastery through mass and distributed exposures and increase force production, mobility/flexibility and joint and spine stability. The emphasis now shifts to acceleration, maximum velocity, and multiplanar movement strategies as well as Olympic Lifts, Traditional and Functional Strength, Plyometrics and sport appropriate energy system development.

Collegiate & Elite Training

Programs for the collegiate, elite, professional and Olympic athletes are designed to maximize the fullest potential available within each athlete. Of primary concern at this level of training is the holistic and multidisciplinary approach to address all the needs of the athlete in order to maximize performance, regeneration, therapy, and nutrition. Corrective strategies, specifically periodized programs, and movement techniques and strategies are prioritized based on the primary needs and timelines of each athlete and each season.


Prevail Conditioning offers consulting solutions to help support groups or individuals at both on and off site locations as well as via the internet:

  • Teams and athletic organizations: Whatever your sports organization needs are, Prevail Conditioning can offer solutions to maximize your training program, education and facilities. We can work with your coaching staff to supplement performance/strength/movement enhancement training as well as energy system development protocols. Whether your needs are focused on pre-season or off season camps or in season training, we can work both on or off site to develop the most effective programs to maximize your teams’ potential.
  • Athletes not within the Santa Barbara area: Visiting Santa Barbara on vacation or training camp? Live near but not in Santa Barbara? Whatever your situation is, Prevail Conditioning can offer you a comprehensive package within the time frame you are in Santa Barbara. We will provide an evaluation/needs analysis, functional movement screen, nutrition assessment, sports specific testing, and offer programming solutions and support for you to take home with you in order to maximize your potential.
  • Individuals whose primary needs are corrective exercise solutions and/or periodized program development: Hit a plateau? Battling recurring injuries and unable to break the cycle? Prevail Conditioning can offer you a comprehensive evaluation/needs analysis, functional movement screen and biomechanical movement analysis, program design consultation and nutrition assessment. Our multidisciplinary system can find the missing link to help you overcome your challenges and meet your performance potential. We offer the programming, education and support for you to succeed.


SPARQ Training

Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction, Quickness…we tap into all 5 in our 60 minute workout. If you’re an adult athlete or want to train like one, this group training session is for you. 10 minutes of Dynamic warm up, 15 minutes of movement work, 20 minutes of functional strength training, 15 minutes of energy system/metabolic development.

Prevail Conditioning