Prevail Conditioning Internship Program

Prevail Conditioning offers a 100-hour Internship Program designed to educate aspiring and experienced Personal Trainers and Strength and Performance professionals in both theoretical and applied sciences based on the latest research and empirical evidence.

Our aim is to not only give you the tools to take your training to the next level, but also to provide you with the framework and system within which to effectively utilize that newfound knowledge and skill.

Intern Program Requirements and Expectations:

Commitment: 12 weeks (100 hours)

What is included: Theory and Applied Sciences in Strength and Conditioning.

Topics that will be covered include:

Program Design


Self-Myofacial Release

 Corrective Exercises

Core, Power and Strength Training


Cueing and Coaching


Attend weekly meetings

Complete all required learning objectives.

Will be assigned weekly administrative and facility/maintenance tasks.

Internship schedule

Summer: TBA

Fall: TBA

Winter: TBA

Spring: TBA

Please complete the following questionnaire, email your resume as an attachment, and provide 3 references to

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