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Intern to Trainer, Trainer to Aerial Dancer

Intern to Trainer, Trainer to Aerial Dancer

To the Prevail community:


Thank you for welcoming me into your family. I am so blessed to have been seen, known, and cared for at Prevail. The intentional community built on relationships with every person who walks through the door is what stands out to me most about Prevail and it’s what I will miss most. More specifically, it is the people (all of you!) that I will miss as I embark on a new adventure. So, I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation for you wonderful folks


I want to give a shout out to the “5:55amers.” Thank you for making it so worth it to get out of bed in the wee hours of the morning. The thought of seeing you put a smile on my face when my body wanted to fall back asleep. Moreover, my mornings were truly brightened by spending time moving with you all. This pattern continued throughout the day as I got to spend time with even more wonderful people who are willing to work hard, extend a helping hand, and laugh easily. I do not take lightly how privileged I am to have coached such a brilliant array of people with unique gifts and personalities; people who are not only enjoyable to be around, but who have gone out of their way to make me feel loved, and shown me genuine care by asking specific questions about my life. Thank you for being you!


I am going to miss seeing you all on a regular basis and hearing about what is happening in your lives. I will miss having “dance party workouts” with you, rocking out to 60’s hits with you, and trying out new Pandora stations with you—thank you for educating me on musical eras and genres. I am going to miss watching you crush it on sled pushes, frog jumps, and aaallll the kettle bell carries you can imagine. It has been so enjoyable watching you get more in sync with your bodies, progress in movement, and grow stronger. Please continue to give your best with every rep, and if you complete all the reps with quality form and know you could’ve busted out two more solid reps, go get some more weight! 


On the topic of integrity of movement, I want to thank Chris and Peter for establishing and sustaining a training environment where the purpose and quality of each exercise is prioritized—which reflects their intentionality to live with purpose and integrity in everything they do. I learned that I shouldn’t do things a certain way just because I’ve done it like that for years. Rather, I should be willing to learn new techniques that may be more effective for achieving my movement goals. Going through this process has expanded the variety within my workouts. I’ve learned numerous new variations of upper and lower body pushing and pulling, crawling, uses of Superbands, metabolic ropes, and sleds, and much more. For this I thank Josiah and Alexis, who patiently taught me pattern after pattern, helping me grow in creativity in the conditioning environment. 


This letter only scratches the surface of my gratitude for each of you in the Prevail family, but please know that you mean so much to me.




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