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Reopening Protocols - June 2020

In order to reopen, there are required protocols from the CDC and the California Public Health Department. After reviewing all relevant information, we have made the following updates and changes to our facility.  These guidelines will also allow us to stay in compliance with the standards of our conditional waiver. 

We will limit occupancy to no more than 20 people at any one time including staff so that we are able to maintain 6 feet of physical distance.  This will be easy for us to accommodate as we are by appointment only.  

In addition to  our normal cleaning and sanitation practices, the protocols we have listed below are ways we can offer you a safe and productive workout.

Services and programs:  

Physical and Manual Therapy services will be available
-Clients and practitioner will be required to wear a mask
-Client and practitioner will be required to wash their hands before the appointment
-Practitioner will take the client's temperature prior to any treatment

Private, semi private training and limited group training sessions will be available (onsite) as well as virtual group classes
-Private Training sessions and Group Training sessions will now be done at separate times.  
-Virtual sessions will still be conducted as well, if you wish to continue training at home

Group Training Classes will be available with a modified schedule
-Virtual training classes have been kept on the schedule based upon the feedback we received and will continue to be provided as long as there is a demand for it

During facility opening:
-All staff members will comply with workplace protocols 
-All staff members exhibiting any symptoms of being infected with COVID-19 while at work will notify the owners immediately and go home
-All staff members will check their temperature prior to arriving at work
-Any staff member with a temperature of 100 degrees or more will NOT come to work
-Staff will be wearing masks as desired by members while in the facility while training clients
-All machines, equipment, and the front desk will be sprayed with WAXIE solution station disinfectant cleaner. This is a certified and effective solution against a broad spectrum of bacteria and is anti-viral. The product spec sheet will be available at the front desk.

Before you workout:
-Members will be required to sign an addendum to the standard waiver. 
-Members can wear masks based on comfort and ask the same of staff 
-For higher risk clients, both trainer and client will be required to wear a mask
-Clients must check temperatures prior to arriving at Prevail
-Those with a temperature of 100 degrees or more must not come in that day
-Clients must use hand sanitizers or wash hands before starting their workout 
-Members are encouraged to bring their own mats, towels, blocks and stretch straps

During Training Sessions:
-Gloves are optional
-We will have several hand sanitizer locations on the strength training floor
-Staff and clients to remain 6 feet apart when possible while on the strength training floor
-At times, staff may have to get closer to adjust items on the exercise equipment
-Weather permitting, windows and doors will be open to allow more air to circulate throughout the facility

We will NOT be providing the self serve water stations for the time being. Please bring your own reusable bottles FULL of water. We will have single use bottles for sale if you forget to bring one. 

Cleaning and Front Desk Updates:

-Exercise equipment will be cleaned, by a staff member or client, after each use with the disinfectant cleaner
-There will be an additional cleaning performed at the end of each shift
-In addition to normal cleaning, bathrooms will be sprayed with WAXIE Solution Station disinfectant spray 3x per day (morning, noon, 3pm)
-As always, staff and members must wash their hands before leaving the restroom
-Showers will not be in use at this time
-Hand Sanitzer stations will be placed outside of the bathroom area. 

Front Desk 
-Group Training clients must use the Pike13 app to sign into classes ahead of time
-No cash or checks will be accepted for payment at this time
-Any retail items purchased will be disinfected 

Facility Closing:
The staff will conduct our standard closing cleaning procedures at the end of the business day.
There will be a once a week full facility sanitation by Big Green Cleaning Company in addition to our regular cleaning and maintenance. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.  Thank you again for your support and we look forward to serving you with all of your fitness and wellness needs!


The Prevail Conditioning Team 

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