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Precision Nutrition Testimonial - Diego Barbieri

Precision Nutrition Testimonial - Diego Barbieri

Meet Diego Barbieri!

I was born and raised in the southern most state of Brazil in Rio Grande do Sul. My parents have always been diligent, hard-working and physically active people. Their example has had a tremendously positive impact and influenced the way I am today. Being raised in a house with three active boys helped shape my competitive side. My father, brother and I were constantly competing, whether it was ping-pong, backyard soccer, tree-climbing, or seeing who could eat more braised beets in a minute, we were always going at it!

I moved to the USA almost 14 years ago at age 25, straight to Santa Barbara. What originally could have been a temporary surf trip turned into home and now I’m a proud American Citizen, married to a beautiful Oregonian bad-ass (Katherine) and well established in the SB community.

When did you start coming to Prevail?

I started training at Prevail in June 2017. I was looking to get serious about rehabbing injuries and becoming fit again. A co-worker at the time, Marcus Baker, told me that I should go talk to Peter at Prevail if I wanted to get back on track with my mobility, strength and overall conditioning. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I took his advice.


What impact has training at Prevail made in your life?

Training with Peter, and also having him as a mentor, has truly changed my life! He has helped to improve the way I move and made me stronger and leaner through efficient training and nutritional coaching. Because of this, I’ve experienced a total improvement in my quality of life and it inspired me to become a coach myself!


Do you have any words of encouragement or tips for somebody new to exercise (or restarting)?

Be patient with yourself and listen to your body cues. Discomfort is okay and you can battle through it but pain means stop! Start slow and pay lots of attention to your form, it can never be compromised. Respect progressions and own every pattern before trying a harder version of it. Keep showing up and be consistent. A bad day at the gym is better than a day that you skipped, so even if you feel less motivated just do what you can, safely. Keep on moving, it will pay off. You’ll see!

What are your hobbies?

I love surfing, when it’s on and it’s good and I’m out in the water with my brother and friends, that’s the best! I’ve always loved martial arts, unfortunately injuries took me out of the game for a long time but I feel ready to jump back on that horse. I enjoy learning new things, sports shooting, comic books, cooking and shopping for ingredients. Last but not least, I really love being home with my wife and doing nothing at all.

What is your favorite movement/exercise?

I love Kettlebells! They’re by far my favorite training tools and I really enjoy all ballistic and grind movements with KBs. If I had to pick a favorite, it’d be a toss between the Turkish Getup and the Swing. I don’t have a least favorite exercise but I don’t really enjoy exercises that single out just one joint or one muscle group.


Precision Nutrition - Diego Barbieri Testimonial

Life was good for Diego, but it wasn’t great. He was athletic, stronger than most, loved his wife, enjoyed hanging out with his buddies, earned a good living, but he wasn’t satisfied. He didn’t just want to be average; he wanted and expected more of himself…he was hungry for change.

He got sick a few times a year, joints were achy, and he indulged from time to time, but that’s what everyone experiences in their late-30s right??? That didn’t sit well with Diego. He didn’t like the way he felt and how he looked. He felt like it was causing him to fall short as a man and as a husband to his beautiful wife. He didn’t just want to get by...he wanted to thrive!

The saying “you are what you eat” always resonated with him and he felt the solution was to start seeing a nutritional coach. Nine months ago he was introduced to Precision Nutrition…he hasn’t looked back.

So far PN has made him leaner, stronger, and he has become an overall healthier version of himself. But where he has seen the biggest change has been the psychological aspect.

“In order to change your body and overall health, you need to change not only the way you eat and exercise, but how you THINK about eating, exercising, relaxing, and overcome all of life’s challenges. You need to change how you live!”

Precision Nutrition coaching, along with his undeniable faith in God, has helped him look at challenges a little bit differently than he used to. He has found that he actually looks forward to them because of the inherent growth that is the by-product of overcoming them. Through experimentation, he has been able to see what works uniquely for him. He has experienced this success by focusing on one thing at a time, one day at a time, as it has really helped him from feeling overwhelmed like he used to.

The lessons that have had the biggest impact to the successes he has achieved up to this point has been: #1 - Eat slowly, #2 - Stop at 80% full. When he was able to really understand and live by these two habits, everything else just started falling into place. The flavors of high quality, whole food has never tasted so good.

PN coaching triggered a cascade of positive changes in his life, such as:

  • Better communication (which has helped his marriage tremendously).
  • Handles stress better.
  • Can train harder and longer due to a vastly decreased recovery time.
  • Improved vision, digestion and immunity.
  • Lost 30 pounds of bodyweight while getting leaner and a lot stronger.
  • Is happy with the way his body looks.
  • Changed career paths (from the food industry to coaching).

Through all the challenges/experiments, he has learned how to optimize where he invests his time and for that he will be eternally grateful.


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