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Barbara Morse - February 2019

Barbara Morse - February 2019


Meet Barbara Morse!

I am a psychotherapist and a mother to three wonderful adult children and two orange cats.  I am originally from the east coast and have been living in Santa Barbara since 2012.


When did you start coming to Prevail?

I started coming to Prevail in 2011 while I was commuting to Santa Barbara from Rhode Island.  Finding a gym in my new home was a priority for me and I am so grateful to have discovered Prevail.


What impact has training at Prevail made in your life?

Training at Prevail keeps me feeling strong and fit and healthy.  I have lots of energy and I feel confident in my ability to take on physical challenges, whether lifting heavy packages or hiking up a steep hill.  I also appreciate the mental focus required to achieve my goals and I find that the skills I have developed in the gym carry over into the rest of my life.


Do you have any words of encouragement or tips for somebody new to exercise (or restarting)?

Just show up!  Some days I feel completely exhausted or overwhelmed by life and I think I won’t be able to do anything in the gym.  But generally if I just get dressed and show up, something shifts and I always leave feeling much better than when I came in. 


What are your hobbies?

I enjoy reading, spending time in nature, hiking, and attending concerts with friends.  I also play drums in a West African drumming group.  My church and the Franciscan community at Old Mission Santa Barbara are also a big part of my life.


What is your favorite movement/exercise?

My favorite exercise is the deadlift because it requires a lot of focus and precision to get it right and there is such a feeling of satisfaction when a heavy weight lifts smoothly off the floor!  My least favorite exercises are Peter’s creature crawls including the gorilla, the dragon and the frog! 


Any additional comments you would like to share?

Prevail feels like a gym family.  Everyone is so nice including both clients and staff.  I always feel like it’s a good day when I am coming to Prevail.  



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