Client Testimonials

I’m continually impressed with the staff at Prevail Conditioning. Their comprehensive perspective of the whole athlete is exciting and all too rare. I trust them with my most important assets: my clients

Steve R. Smith, Ph.D
Licensed Psychologist (PSY20096)
Sport Psychology and Research Center (SPaRC)

In 2009 and 2010 I had the priviledge to train young athletes alongside Pete for the better part of 18 months. In my 10 years running a program designed to train youth baseball players at every age, I’ve never come across an individual better than Pete at motivating athletes of all level and ages. His passion for athletic development is unmatched and his ability to drastically change athletic performance for the better is off the charts. If you’re an athlete looking to maximize your performance on the field you need to find Pete.

Bill Asermely
Executive Director
Northeast Baseball School

Hi my name is Randy Gress I was named Connecticut High-School Male Athlete of the year my Junior and Senior years of High-School, I played Division I baseball for Quinnipiac University where I was named to the NEC All-Conference and All-Regional baseball teams, and I was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 18th round of the 2007 MLB Draft. I played at every level with the Atlanta Braves minor league system ending my career in Double A.

When I began training with Peter, I honestly didn’t know what TRAINING meant. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best Sports Trainers in the country, and hands down Peter Blumert’s knowledge and skill set was top notch. It was not until I began to train with Peter until I reached the top physical and mental peeks of my Athletic Career. What makes Peter different than other trainers that I have experienced, are that his workouts have fantastic structure and he is always making sure that he is up to date of new and styles of training.

Peter is a fantastic motivator and cares about his clients well after the sessions are over…He is always willing to go the extra mile and supports your questions and concerns when you are not at the facility. Nutritional plans, morning routines, stretching, recovery. Peter’s preparation for his clients sessions is world class, whether you are a the Professional Athlete or you are a 12 year old training for your upcoming youth baseball season…he treats all of his clients with tremendous respect with the goal to help them reach their potential. Peter makes sure that you are always doing your lifts correctly ensuring safety first which in the long run will make you achieve the best results that you would not be able to attain doing the lifts the wrong way.

When you have the chance to train with Peter not only are you getting one of the top trainers around, but you are going to have the chance to work with a trainer that cares about your health and you reaching your results. Peter will make you do things you never thought were possible and give you the motivation to attain goals that you set for yourself. Peter is a fantastic person and I can truly say that I highly recommend Peter’s Blumert if you are interested in moving to the next level in you Athletic Career.


Randy Gress
Prevail Conditioning Customer

My name is Daniel Bowen and I am 21 years old. I trained with Chris Ecklund prior to starting my collegiate athletics career at St. Mary’s College, where I pursued NCAA Division I soccer. The transition to collegiate soccer requires a level of fitness that is much higher than that of club level or high school teams. In order to prepare myself I went to Chris for help. It is easy to become overwhelmed by where to start or to even make that first step in the training process.

However, Chris made training sessions an enjoyable event that pushed me to my limits each and every time. Workouts were approached with methods of training that specifically targeted the muscle groups I would be using to play soccer. Rather than simply running and lifting, my workouts would also include different types of jumping, balance, and quickness drills. This approach developed a much better sense of stability and balance in my game.

There was no standardization, each and every drill or lift was catered to my specific needs as a soccer player. If I was lifting weights, then some sort of balance challenge was also incorporated into the lift to continue strengthening my core.

Every workout was working towards the ultimate goal of core strength and cardio fitness. By the end of the summer I was able to see a vast improvement in my quickness, stability, and cardio fitness. One of my greatest accomplishments was cutting my two-mile time from over 14 minutes down to just under 12. It is easy to see vast improvements from someone who is out of physical shape, but to see these results from someone who is already physically fit, such as I was, is much more difficult.

This was entirely due to Chris’ tremendous dedication to me throughout the summer. Training six days a week, often twice a day, for three months with a person can take its toll on both the trainer and athlete. However, Chris’ passion to see me personally succeed kept me motivated through those difficult days.

Some of the things that set Chris apart from many other trainers, are his hands on and personal approach. I was never alone when lifting weights or pushing hard on that two-mile run. He was with me every stride, setting pace, or pushing me harder.

Learning to push my body to it’s limits was a tool that was very important later down the road. Pushing my body to its physical limits each and every workout enabled me to endure those difficult challenges that lay ahead at St. Mary’s College. In the end, Chris became a knowledgeable friend who was helping me train, rather than an impersonal trainer seeking results.

Dan Bowen
Former NCAA Div I Soccer Player
St. Mary’s College. Moraga, CA

During my time at Westmont, I watched too many teammates have short careers due to injury. As much as I wanted my PH volleyball team to play as much volleyball as possible this spring – I couldn’t do it with a good conscience because I saw how weak many of them were.

I knew that their bodies wouldn’t hold up. When I would lead some workouts, noticed the majority did not know how to do a correct squat, push-up, etc… and noticed how the lack of strength manifested in the way they landed on a jump, served the volleyball, etc

Therefore, I signed my varsity volleyball team up for sessions at Prevail Conditioning this past spring. We had 14 sessions and the experience far surpassed my expectation. The trainers, Chris and Peter, are knowledgeable, positive and up to date about current training ideas.

They patiently taught the girls how to do fundamental movements correctly. All of my girls looked forward to going because they enjoyed it and noticed that they were getting quicker and more explosive on the court. Prevail offered us a reasonable rate (each girl on my team paid for the sessions). While my team still has a lot to learn, they at least now have an understanding of how to lift correctly and strengthen important muscles.

If you are looking for place to have your learn how to lift correctly, improve their agility, and be conditioned, I would highly recommend Prevail Conditioning.

Laura Newton
Math Teacher, Varsity Volleyball and Jr.High Basketball Coach
Providence, A Santa Barbara Christian School, Santa Barbara, CA

I had the fortunate opportunity to train with Peter in my first year of professional hockey. I signed a contract with the NY Islanders, and was sent to the minors to play in Bridgeport, CT. When you are sent to the minors, it is always a frustrating thing, but one bright side was that I got to meet Pete, who had a big impact on me, and still does to this day.

Our team was forced to work out in an empty room above an arcade, where Pete would bring all sorts of weights and tools for us to use for our workouts (I know, not as glamorous as you would expect pro sports to be). Pete made the best of our situation and put together creative and productive workouts for us to use to keep us in shape, and help us to make gains during our season.

Our team wasn’t exactly the most serious group of guys, and a lot of guys would go through the motions. One thing I appreciated about Pete is that he would always maintain his seriousness about his job — he would push us. Pete isn’t someone that I would suggest to go train with, if you are looking for a way to simply get a light sweat and stay fit. Pete is an elite trainer, who is passionate about his job, and he will push you hard. I would suggest him to anybody who wants to reach their full potential, in whatever that might be.

Another thing that I liked about Pete is that he was truly passionate about what he did. He studied the workouts that he would make you do — everything was for a reason. He studied your body’s, and make workouts that were specific to what you personally needed, especially for your sport.

He also is knowledgeable about nutrition and diet. He has helped me a lot about knowing what to eat and when to eat it. He studies the different supplements that you can take, and gives you suggestions. I think that he is also a great resource in that area as well.

Overall, Pete is a joy to work with. He enjoys doing what he does, which is contagious. His knowledge, passion, and personality make him someone that I would refer to anybody looking to be the best they can be.

Rhett Rakhshani
Prevail Conditioning Customer

I started training with Pete because I was an undersized collegiate athlete that needed help in the weight room. When I began working with Pete, I had little to no experience lifting weights. At first we started slowly, doing very basic movement patterns. He was persistent in making sure that I had proper technique in all of the exercises we did.

Coming into the program I wasn’t extremely enthusiastic about getting in the gym. I had never really been coached in the gym and wasn’t crazy about having someone tell me the proper way to lift weights. Soon enough my whole philosophy changed. Pete made it easy for me to go train. His excitement and enthusiasm is contagious.

By the end of the summer, my family was constantly asking me why I loved going to the gym so much. My honest answer was that I loved spending time with my trainer and loved that he was genuinely excited about making me a better athlete. Pete made it easy for me to want to train.

I entered that soccer season in great form, better than ever. It is now two years after I first trained with Pete and I still love going to the gym to train with a man who truly loves what he does. Pete is one of a kind; he is knowledgeable, encouraging and genuinely enthusiastic about making you a better athlete. If it weren’t for Pete, there is no way I would be the successful collegiate athlete that I am today.

Trevor Doolittle
Prevail Conditioning Customer

As a varsity basketball coach at Valley Christian High School in Dublin, Ca., I had the privilege of working with Chris Ecklund. He served as a weight training coach and trainer to many of my athletes. Chris’s training methods challenge athletes physically and mentally and when they follow his programs and methods consistently, they see desired results. Our athletes improved in speed, confidence, strength and quickness. The mental toughness that our athletes gained allowed them to be more aggressive in their on court performances.

When Chris begins training an athlete, he is diligent in educating them in areas of safety so as to keep them from injury while achieving maximum results. He is very attentive to their technique and corrects any flaws that occur in the training session lessening the chance for potential injury. The athletes are also taught about the importance of proper nutrition that aids in performance.

Chris is a dedicated trainer who understands the athlete and his sport, and is able to design programs that will benefit them best.

Scott Babinat
Varsity Basketball Coach
Dublin, CA

Chris Ecklund worked for me as a Performance Coach for over a year. During that time Chris proved to be one of the most reliable and consistent coaches I have had. He is extremely professional, always prompt, and quickly learned the extensive curriculum which we work with.

He is very personable and very comfortable in front of people, male/female, younger or older. The combination of these traits with his experience makes him a trainer who stands apart form others in the field. I think anyone who wishes to be inspired and take it to the next level will benefit from working with Chris!

John M. White, MS, CSCS
Performance Director Velocity Sports Performance
Former USF Head Strength Coach. Dublin, CA

My name is Margaux Farrell and I just earned a bronze medal at the London Olympics in the women’s 4×200 meter freestyle relay representing France. However, it took a long time to get where I am today and one of the people who helped shape my journey along the way was Peter Blumert. I started training with Peter twice a week my junior year of high school. Peter and I met to work on my agility, coordination and to improve speed/strength.

Being a water athlete I will admit that I am not very coordinated on land! Peter helped me with basic exercises that helped make my swimming stronger and more efficient. In addition, a lot of these movements were designed to help with injury prevention. I have always dealt with shoulder issues but a lot of the work I did with Peter worked as preventative care.

Also, when I got to college (Indiana University) and began a serious weight lifting regimen, my weight coach was very impressed with my form on several of the Olympic lifts we did. I would always boast that my form and ease with this style of lifting came from my previous training with Peter.

Peter is great to work with no matter what level you are at. He helped me take my swimming to new heights and made it so that I was ready to train at a level I had never been exposed to once I got to college. So whether you’re just starting out or breaking world records I would honestly say that it can’t hurt to give Peter a call and see what you’re truly capable of!

Margaux Farrell
Prevail Conditioning Customer

I met Chris through a friend of mine who is a physical therapist at a rehabilitation clinic here in Santa Barbara. Chris was starting a sports conditioning class at the clinic and my friend thought I might be interested in trying it out. I lead a fairly active life, typically exercising 6, if not 7 days a week. Between working out at the gym several days a week, beach volleyball, snow skiing, biking, running, etc…I’m not stationary very long.

With my active lifestyle, I really wasn’t sure what results I could expect to see, if any. After about 4 weeks in the class, my friends & I were able to get together on the beach to play volleyball. After 4 hours of straight play, I could not believe how great I felt! I was getting out of the sand higher, hitting the ball harder, reacting faster, and most importantly, feeling no noticeable affects of fatigue. I was truly amazed!

I am going on my third month with the class and I can’t wait for Tuesday & Thursday nights; I really look forward to each class. Chris’ systematic approach in the class is very efficient and fast paced. He emphasizes the importance of correct form, movement mechanics, body position, balance, and core strength. Chris raises the bar, with each class introducing new challenges, always right there pushing and motivating us to the next level.

Thanks Chris, for your investment in the class and your desire to make a difference in people’s lives.

William E. Mace
Business Owner
Santa Barbara, California

As a father, I always knew that Patrick and Meaghan were in the best of care while they trained with Peter. He has taught our children the benefits of strength and conditioning in pursuit of their athletic goals. More importantly, Peter has taught them the life lessons of hard work and reaching for their very best. We admire Peter and forever appreciate his conscientious efforts.

Steve Francis
Father of two young Athletes

I am a 51-year-old woman with a busy lifestyle. Working full time, spending time with family and friends and being involved in a large church keep me busy and fulfilled. It has not always been this way. When I began training with Chris Ecklund, approximately two years ago, I was battling a severe life long weight problem, was tired and discouraged, and without much hope of ever being able to break that cycle.

Chris listened to me, tailored a program specifically for me that was challenging yet fun and full of variety. As I began to move and become more active, he would adjust my program accordingly, always offering encouragement and making me feel very comfortable with something that was so new to me. To date I have lost 105 pounds and am very grateful for the continued support that Chris always so willingly gives.

Jeanne Bayles
Elementary School Office Manager

In September 2010, I decided to lose the extra weight I’ve put on over the past two years-the number on the scale didn’t bother me as much as the feeling of stuffing myself into my clothes.

I meet with Peter and he asks me questions about my lifestyle and habits. I should back up and tell you that I coach a gymnastics team. I have several girls looking up to me and my job is to inspire them-all while feeling terrible about myself.

Peter gave me simple exercises to do daily and we met at least once per week for workouts (sometimes twice) I dreaded the meetings initially but as time went on-I couldn’t wait to get there and “show” him that I could now do more than I did the week before.

One day I opened my big mouth and said I would love to run a half marathon-because I hated running so I thought that was a noble goal. Peter was honest and said he had never trained anyone for marathon running (especially someone who never ran and complained of earaches if it was not just the right temperature out) Of course Peter put together a plan for me and I stuck to it.

He would call on days of long runs to see how I felt. He encouraged and supported me and I am a half marathon finisher! At 42 years old I ran a half marathon thanks to Peter. On the day of the marathon Peter met me at my house when I was done and my family still comments on what a guy he is…..he took off my shoes and bloody socks!!!!

The work with Peter was inspiring and one of the best years I’ve ever had. He believed in me on the days I didn’t believe in me. Thanks to him I run everyday, I have healthy habits, can squat my body weight and love working out!

Monica Millspaugh
aka Half Marathon Finisher

Chris has an encyclopedic knowledge of nutrition and fitness. His guidance has provided me with a sustainable, results-based program. A former college athlete (currently 28 years of age), I understood weight training for power. Chris was able to provide a holistic perspective that has lead to increased endurance, range of motion, and overall health.

My body feels better, I have more energy, and am able to do a variety of athletic activities (skimboard, surf, mountain bike, basketball, etc.) without pain or significant soreness. Bottom line, I am healthier and have discovered a nutrition and fitness plan that will last.

Vince McCarrie
Vice Principal High School
Hayward, California

Current age is 52 (how did this happen?), I work in the telecommunications industry, with the same company for 27 years. My current physical activities include walking and hiking, I love to travel, I like to read when I have down time and I volunteer at a domestic violence shelter

Training with Chris was definitely hard work, but a great deal of fun as well. Chris didn’t just run me through my routine during our sessions. He was always so encouraging. His goal was to ensure that I knew how to use the equipment and weights and use the proper technique so I could work out on my own when not training with him. It’s all about the technique!!

During my time with Chris (which was approximately 1 ½ years), I increased in strength, improved flexibility and reduced body fat (lost 5% and maintained).

Along with the physical improvements, my self confidence was certainly bolstered and outlook on life improved! There is no doubt a huge connection between physical fitness and mental well-being.

The best part about having trained with Chris is the personal friendship my family and I have with him today. Chris continues to give me nutritional guidance and support and is always willing to coach me in my continuing efforts to maintain my fitness goals.

He is the best coach and trainer I have ever had.

Colleen Healing
San Ramon, California

I started training with Peter on the basis of the recommendations of those whose opinion I valued and trusted. They thought he was the best trained, the best taught, and most informed of all of the trainers from which to choose.

James Olmstead
Prevail Conditioning Customer

From the moment I began emailing the staff, I noticed their friendliness, passion, and thoughtfulness. I originally looked at Prevail only because they had brought a nutritionist on staff but after talking to Chris, I was immediately impressed with his knowledge and cerebral approach. Being a frustrated division 1 athlete, I related to what he was talking about and how different it was from things in my past. I was simply fascinated and realized quickly how much I agreed with their philosophy and way of doing things

A took a leap of faith and began the process of assessments, which was eye opening in itself. The staff had an explanation for every problem/ailment I felt and could quickly note causes or contributing factors. This was completely different than any other diagnoses before and I was amazed at how related everything in my body is. Their way of fixing my “problems” was revolutionary and after previous unsuccessful therapies, I was excited to try something that finally made sense.

I began training with Peter for the summer and quickly realized how uncoordinated on land I was. I mean I already knew that, but this just super confirmed it! He challenged me with new exercises, different movement patterns, and to be more conscious of what I was doing with each movement.

I (re)learned the importance of soft tissue work, mobility, and flexibility especially in relation to my body and sport. I am so grateful that he was willing to work with me where I was, teach me, and how he was willing to learn about my sport. Even to my last day of the summer, Peter was organized, creative, encouraging, and definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone.

Over a matter of weeks, my pain decreased. I was able to train like I was pre-injury and I am excited to race again. Although I am now back at school, I have taken many of the principles the Prevail staff taught me and incorporated it into my life as a division 1 athlete.

Rayanne Nguyen
Prevail Conditioning Customer

I started to work out with Chris about 2 months ago. I was very happy that I made the choice to be healthy and to take care of myself. However, I have recently gone through so many changes in my life that I was not quite sure if I could stick with a workout routine. Chris was patient and supportive from the very beginning by giving me great feedback and thorough advice on nutrition. His positive energy and great sense of humor made my working out so much fun!

Chris took both my girth measurements and body fat percentage when we started. At our last assessment the results showed I had lost a total of 5 inches (from only 4 sites) and 4% body fat after only 2 months. I feel really great and I am grateful for Chris!!

As a Licensed Massage Therapist being healthy, flexible and having good core and overall body strength are important to my treatment of clients as well as avoiding overuse injuries that come with my profession. Thank you very much for your help, Chris.

Asura Serra, LMT
Massage Therapist
Santa Barbara, California

Before connecting with Chris via Google, I had severe and chronic dislocation problems with both of my knees for over a decade. Previous surgeries have made my condition worse, and the only solution I have found is a strict regimen of stretch and massage therapy in conjunction with the strength training that Chris has provided me. We have been working twice a week since October and I have notice significant changes in my general movement and in physically taxing situations.

This is the first time in the past ten years that I have felt physically and mentally more confident and optimistic about my health. He has taught me how to take care of myself and he has given me the means to keep hoping. I want to thank you, Chris, for caring and empathizing with my knee situation. Our relationship and the methods you taught me have brought me a hope I didn’t think I could have. Thank you thank you thank you.

Kathryn Robison
College Student
Santa Barbara, California

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